A soft flick of 3D….with the lights off


Mutant Yordle finally done

Yordle Mutant
by Dark-flick
on Sketchfab

Created in 3DS Max, Zbrush and Photoshop
Model consists of 15,113 polygons
2048 x 2048 – Diffuse, Specular, Gloss, Normal maps


Yordle update #1

Just a quick ZBrush turntable render of what I’ve done with my Yordle creature so far.

A captured yordle subjected to experiments by the ruthless Zaun scientists, Sion and Viktor. Her mind has been destroyed from all of the torture and her body twisted from all of the poisons and augmentations.


Redline Anime Car – Sweet JP’s TransAm

Watched Redline (2009 animated film) and got inspired to make Sweet JP’s car.

So….general consensus, what do you think so far?


Yordle concept

I have drained all of my creativity and energy in the last 2 days, so I’m heading to bed.
Before I do, going to post this.
Asked around on Twitter and Facebook for any changes/add-ons/critiques/praises?, we’ll see how it goes

It’s for a #LeagueofLegends type of character, just did some colouring and feel it’s missing…things…

So I’ll offer the fresh perspective, then wake up with anything to help.



Twitch Channel

Started streaming me playing some games and doing up my 3D, give you a hint as to how I pull it together. I warn you it is messy, but I like the end result 😛

Twitch Channel – http://www.twitch.tv/dark_Flick


Update – ArenaNet Character


ArenaNet Art Test – Update # 2

A quick update on my character.
I’ve finished most of the basic detailing and am now going to hit up the low-poly creation for this mesh.


ArenaNet Art Test – Update

So I started this art test a good 2 weeks ago, but my computer was PLAGUED with issues and eventually needed a new harddrive. The old one completely died on me.

That put me back a week, but I’m still truckin’ on!

Here’s where I am at so far from their concept.
I have most of the high-poly mesh fleshed out. Once I get the antlers on I’ll be fine tuning the high-poly to make it really stand out, then it’ll be on to the low-poly mesh.

Very excited with how this is turning out. After this test is done and sent in, I’m totally going to find some more to do, just for fun if need be.


Spring Meadow – Flowers

The flowers that will be populating my spring meadow environment. All of the textures are hand painted to see how realistic I could make them.


Sonic FPS level