A soft flick of 3D….with the lights off


Yordle update #1

Just a quick ZBrush turntable render of what I’ve done with my Yordle creature so far.

A captured yordle subjected to experiments by the ruthless Zaun scientists, Sion and Viktor. Her mind has been destroyed from all of the torture and her body twisted from all of the poisons and augmentations.


Redline Anime Car – Sweet JP’s TransAm

Watched Redline (2009 animated film) and got inspired to make Sweet JP’s car.

So….general consensus, what do you think so far?


Yordle concept

I have drained all of my creativity and energy in the last 2 days, so I’m heading to bed.
Before I do, going to post this.
Asked around on Twitter and Facebook for any changes/add-ons/critiques/praises?, we’ll see how it goes

It’s for a #LeagueofLegends type of character, just did some colouring and feel it’s missing…things…

So I’ll offer the fresh perspective, then wake up with anything to help.



Twitch Channel

Started streaming me playing some games and doing up my 3D, give you a hint as to how I pull it together. I warn you it is messy, but I like the end result 😛

Twitch Channel – http://www.twitch.tv/dark_Flick


Update – ArenaNet Character


Sonic FPS level


Demo Reel 2012?

Demo Reel (Draft)

I’ve just come to Toronto and already I’ve decided I have to live here!

The people, the energy, the art! This is a city that inspires.

Back to the point though, I’ve made a demo reel that I’ll be using for finding some jobs here. Let me know what you all think of my draft for it?


Lack of posts

Sorry for the silence on my blog folks.
I’m working on a big project at work and it’s been taking all hours of the day to get it done. After this weekend though I should have some more sketches AND the conclusion to the dream gnome up!

Patience is a virtue 😛


IPhone test

Just got the WordPress app on my IPhone, haha.

Going to make a lot more updates on this now that I can easily upload my photos and sketches through this.

Big update to come later today.
Just been going through my large collection of work-in-progresses, should have them all uploaded in their various states tonight!