A soft flick of 3D….with the lights off


Character Dump – Sonic FPS

A quick character dump showing the characters I’ve been working on for my Sonic FPS video.
All that is left is Buzz Bomber, which I’ll be starting tomorrow.


Nothic Update

Starting on the Low-poly mesh at the moment. I can’t figure out what I’m missing on this so I’m just going to work on the mesh, since the form is already decided.


Nothic Sculpt update

Got his body much more fleshed out and he’s looking a lot scarier.
Listened to some advice and lengthened the fingers, looks a lot better with those dangling claws.

Can’t wait till I start working on the fine details.


Nothic Creature and videos to watch

Here’s a character I’m working on and a little experiment I’m also trying.
I’m recording everything and posting it on twitch.tv/dark_flick. So far I’ve just been getting the proportions right, so there isn’t much to really look at. Give it another few hours of playtime and it should be quite a sight though!

Got my reference photos here along with the ZSphere base and what it looks like now.


Soldier week 4

An update on how the Soldier, his rifle and pistol are looking.
Right now I’m doing up all of the textures. Just getting the reference photos together for his skin. I need to create a strap for the rifle and a hoslter for the pistol, along with some ammo bags on his body armor.
Not much left on this beauty, let me know what you think!



Soldier Week 3 (forgot to post)

I actually ended up doing all this work on the soldier on the third week and only JUST realised I hadn’t posted it.
Shame on me!!

I had made some bulletproof goggles and bodyarmor for his chest. I took a lot of inspiration from “The Expendables” on those two pieces.
Let me know what you think.


Soldier Week 2

Realized early in the week that I completely forgot about his hands, fixed those first. Can’t have a soldier with wimpy hands!
So far the bottom part of this soldier is looking damn good.
Now I’ll be focusing on his jacket, hands (fine tuning) and see if I can get some texture into these sculpts.


Soldier as promised

Just a few shots of the soldier I’ve been working on for the past week.
Mainly been focusing on his lower body, trying to get all the pieces right. Luckily my roommate is in the military. He’s been kind enough to point out all the actual equipment that they used and help me find good reference photos.

What you guys think?


New Character ideas

Just started grabbing some references to 2 new characters I’m gonna start.
1. Ashitaka – Princess Mononoke
2. Myself

First I’m gonna recreate Ashitaka from the movie “Princess Mononoke”, but I’m going to make him realistic instead of anime style. Also going to not only sculpt them, but also have Low-Poly versions with diffuse, normal and spec maps all included.

Then after that adventure, I’ll try to make myself in 3D. Done it twice before but always hated the results.
Now that I have much new experience with sculpting though, I think this may turn out better!

Should have a new update in a few days.
Going to regularly post updates on progress with these two characters.


Gnome Slug Zbrush Sculpt

First Zbrush sculpt I’ve ever done. It started with a large learning curve, Zsphere’s, some pain and it created…a Gnome Slug.

Based off a concept created by a friend of mine, I decided to recreate him as my first Zbrush sculpt. I liked how it wasn’t the typical biped figure and had some weird weight distribution.
I really enjoyed the “mesh extraction” to make the clothing on him. It was so simple and intuitive, which was a blessing since the initial learning curve of this program had me reeling for a couple of days.

Well, right now I’ve got the shapes down for his figure and clothes. Next I’ll be working on the finer sculpting of his skin, clothes, tight wrinkles and adding in some colour to him.

Not bad for my first time I think. Super excited to see what else I can make!