A soft flick of 3D….with the lights off


Yordle update #1

Just a quick ZBrush turntable render of what I’ve done with my Yordle creature so far.

A captured yordle subjected to experiments by the ruthless Zaun scientists, Sion and Viktor. Her mind has been destroyed from all of the torture and her body twisted from all of the poisons and augmentations.


ArenaNet Art Test – Update # 2

A quick update on my character.
I’ve finished most of the basic detailing and am now going to hit up the low-poly creation for this mesh.


ArenaNet Art Test – Update

So I started this art test a good 2 weeks ago, but my computer was PLAGUED with issues and eventually needed a new harddrive. The old one completely died on me.

That put me back a week, but I’m still truckin’ on!

Here’s where I am at so far from their concept.
I have most of the high-poly mesh fleshed out. Once I get the antlers on I’ll be fine tuning the high-poly to make it really stand out, then it’ll be on to the low-poly mesh.

Very excited with how this is turning out. After this test is done and sent in, I’m totally going to find some more to do, just for fun if need be.


Nothic Creature and videos to watch

Here’s a character I’m working on and a little experiment I’m also trying.
I’m recording everything and posting it on twitch.tv/dark_flick. So far I’ve just been getting the proportions right, so there isn’t much to really look at. Give it another few hours of playtime and it should be quite a sight though!

Got my reference photos here along with the ZSphere base and what it looks like now.


Silence is not a virtue

Sorry everyone, been alway from a solid Internet connection for too long.

Only updating this cause of my iPhone and the wonders of 3G.

Ashitaka and my self portrait are on hold, my fault really.
I left for a week with my laptop, but did not realize I would have no Internet connection. So no references led me to instead create a Canadian soldier.

Had lots of references of that on my laptop. 😛

So once I get back home to a solid Internet, I’ll be posting what I’ve accomplished over the past few days


Elf Concept Design

This is a character I drew up many many moons ago and gave a shot at creating once as one of my first characters. That was a wonderful learning experience, but I didn’t like the way she turned out. After all these years I think I’m ready to tackle her again and create her at a much higher quality!


Dress Designs

So in my spare time I like to sew and I draw dress designs for the fun of it. Now I don’t imagine I’ll be actually sewing these dresses, but they would look rather good on a character at some point!


Gremlin Concept

Came up with a neat gremlin concept. I never really got past the head, but I just love what I’ve done with it so I’m posting it anyway!
I’ll see what I can come up with for the body later.


Dream Gnome

Here’s the progress on my newest character, a dream gnome. The concept for this was supplied by my friend, Brad Lamey.
I’m going to make it so his skin is dark, while his eyes and inside his mouth glow. Kinda inverted from the usual norm and why he can’t be seen while he eats away at your dreams.

The mesh on the bottom will be the slime trail he’ll be emiting.


Vrock 1-Hour Sculpt Turntable

Vrock 1-Hour Sculpt Turntable


A Post of a sculpt I did in Mudbox in a timed 1-hour session. Just a last hur-rah for some friends.