A soft flick of 3D….with the lights off


Redline Anime Car – Sweet JP’s TransAm

Watched Redline (2009 animated film) and got inspired to make Sweet JP’s car.

So….general consensus, what do you think so far?


Audi Spin


A spin of my lovely Audi, for anyone that wants to see it in the ‘flesh’


Audi final renders and texture sheet

Some renders of my car along with the texture sheet I used. I used the viewport canvas built into 3D Studio max for this one. It was really easy and great to use once you find out how to make your own brushes to use with it. Anywho, let me know what you think!


Lav-25 Coyote

Thought I’d do a refresh of the Lav-25 Coyote and rebuild the whole thing from scratch. Took me a good week, but now all of the modelling is done and I’ve just got to finish the UV mapping. Currently it’s standing at 7,846 Polygons / 14,364 Triangles. A lot lower than the one I made before (was around the 23,000 Triangles)

Now I’m expecting the UV mapping to take another good week, then I’ll have another post up for everyone!
Let me know what you all think.


Audi TT Convertible WIP

Working on this for a while, enjoying the challenge of making a car in low poly while keeping the curves clean.

Audi TT Work in Progress shot

A collection of screenshots from my Audi TT